Friday, December 19, 2008

ROSES: Out and About

Every time I post, I just don't trust that it can really be this easy!:)  Yesterday while I was waiting for my almost 17 year old while he was at his bass lesson, I meandered my way down to one of the only neat shoppes I have found here in Johnstown.  Anyway, The Blacksmith's Exchange is predominately a knitting shoppe.  (I am a terrible knitter, but have found myself spending my pennies on their beautiful hand spun and dyed yarns.   They also have some wonderful vintage wares.... there are some really beautiful ornaments.  These are the candy containers I couldn't pass up.  What really caught my eye about a few of these was that they still had the "F. W. Woolworth price tag of  "10 cents" still attached.  (excuse my poor spelling and grammar.  Screaming baby in my ear is not helping.)  The illustrations on these just tore at my heartstrings as well as the glitter.  (you just don't see glitter like this anymore.)  They probably aren't worth much, but I will treasure these for years to come.    I am still working at trying to get some decorations up.  Yikes!!  A film crew will be at my house Monday to interview Tim on his new Christmas album.  (Laurel Mountain Christmas.  I was glad to do some instrumentals on this as well.)  Sooo...this has been motivation to TRY and clean.....will try to shoot more shots tommorrow.