Thursday, February 5, 2009

Roses: Birthday Boys

I am REALLY behind on posting here.  The good news is...Ethan is FINALLY, after 17 LONG months taking a nap.  People who know me know that Ryan was a 15 minute "catnapper" until one magical day he started taking a 3 hour nap! For Ryan, thankfully, he started napping at around 14 months, which was a blessing since I was pregnant with Ellory and all alone in upstate NY with no help.  Now Ethan at 17 months, has started taking 3+ hour naps in the last few days.  I am getting my house back, I am starting to get caught up on my wash AND I was able to work on TWO pieces today...  AND had a wonderful visit with my "kindred friend" Ruth!! She is an amazingly talented quilter, designer and always gives me that "shot in the arm" when I am about ready to give up! I am going to have to blog more about Ruth in the future AND her Grandma who was an amazingly creative woman.  I am very BLESSED that Ruth and her mum have given me many snippets of her Grandmas vintage trims collection,  among many other little wonderful baubles!:)  I had a blast today and the time went way too fast.  I am sad that we only get to see each other every few months!

AND a very Happy (belated) birthday to my son Ryan who turned 17 on Jan. 25th, To his best friend Keegan who had his "sweet 16" on the same day(right in picture) ... .and to my little guy who turned 17 months old on the same day!  AND I know this may seem weird to some, but Tim's grandma passed away on the same day a few years before Ryan was born.  She was really into numerology so numbers were a huge symbol to her and a big part of her life.  I find it comforting because she  really wanted us to have a baby.  I feel like somehow she is still "looking down"  our family.:)  

Well, I have a few pieces in progress.  I still have work to do but wanted to post a little peek.  Also, I am thinking about making some dolls in the near future as well. who knows??  We'll see if the naps continue......:)