Friday, May 29, 2009

Roses: OH, I Love a Parade!

I am so behind posting my Memorial Day pictures.  We always try to spend Memorial Day in my little hometown of Armagh PA.  I actually don't live in the town of Armagh...but around the outskirts of town.  I can't believe that such a small town (population is about 40ish)  would  have a parade.  AND growing up we actually had a summer parade as well which was the start of our annual carnival.  As you can see from the pictures, this is small town Americana for sure.  Ethan loved it!  Mitch was the only one who cooperated with a pic...oh I did sneak a pic of Ellory with her cousin:)... can't believe he is graduating in less than a week... so proud of him and all he has accomplished already...:)  I had a nice visit with my family, including my cousin Anita who is also one of my best friends...:)  All in all it was a beautiful day and it always is on my heart how much I miss living there:)

OH, and there was a parade in Fokltown as well.  The mayor's wife was present.  There was a parade and a picnic afterward for all the residents.  Wish I could have captured some more pics:) but most of it was in my imagination!!! heehee

Please stop over at one of my dearest and oldest friend's new blog... the link is on the right, under "Barnflowers".  Lani is actually like my adopted cousin as our families are not blood related, but we have been and raised as family.:)  LOVE ya Lani!!  She is amazingly talented and her house sits on their families' farm.  Her mom is also an heirloom seamstress and Lani has been sewing all her life.  Her house is to DIE FOR....I will have to take pictures.  Lani does everything... paints, quilts,draws,sews and is an avid gardener.  Oh, just LOVE the hex signs she is making.  Her craft is authentic and true... she is new to the internet, so PLEASE drop over and say "hi".  If she could I know if you visited she would brew you an amazing cup of tea or a home made lemonade.  (Now if I could only get my other friend,  Ruth to start a blog. hint hint)

Well, I enticed Ethan with a fruit roll up while I typed and well.... my time is up!!:)

PS... notice the wonderful needle case that I was gifted by Viv of Hensteeth.  It is by the little Folktown , seamtress elephant.
PPS Would love some feedback on these creations.  Etsy is not the best venue for me and I am looking for a show to do that these little guys might fit into.  I am also open to doing workshops as well. As sharing with others is my main goal of why I "do what I do"  :)  Love all you wonderful friends out there.:)xxoo

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Roses: In Memory

 A Happy Memorial Day to all.  I will be attending the little parade that my hometown of Armagh, PA has every year.  I can't wait to see Ethan's reaction.  It is always good to see neighbors and friends.  Then, a simple picnic at my mum's house.

 I have a lot of new stuff in the works to post... but for now, here are some pictures of Ethan.  This was a big step for Ethan as he is afraid of water.  It's always good to have a best friend to help you on your way.  In this case, our fearless Golden retriever, Jasper helped him out. :)  We have been enjoying long walks, trips to the playground and just having some simple fun.  For me, the simple things in life are the most rewarding and pleasurable.  

I have been off the web for a while.  I am trying to restructure and kind of assess my life and what is important.  I have gotten rid of tons of "stuff" and packed up a bit more.  I am finding that the process has opened up more time in areas that I was avoiding .:) (aka exercising and spending time with my guitar and writing.)  I have a long way to go... but my footsteps are heading in the right direction. (I think).  :)  

Can't wait to share some pics next week.:)  Well, off to finish the potato salad at 11:00 PM !!!

PS I wanted to add a few more bloggers to my list on the right and I accidently deleted everybody instead.  Another problem for next week.:)