Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who am I?

This was the question posed for week one of the Chopra Center's 21 days of meditation. To kick off the event, I did a little personal retreat reflecting on the question. This is a finger labyrinth. You pose a question at the beginning of the labyrinth and follow your finger along the winding path. Through prayer and meditation and in your own stillness, it helps to center you in prayer. I have found great comfort in walking a full size labyrinth as well as using a finger labyrinth. I will use this labyrinth for the question, "who am I?," only. I have made others for general use as well. Here is what I ended up with. If you would like to "try out" this labyrinth, click on the very last picture to enlarge and use your mouse to follow the path. Find some quiet time so you can concentrate and open up to the possibilities. I would love to hear your experience if you give it a try. :)

I guess I am no longer afraid to admit that my heart is broken, tattered, torn and ripped apart but I am also completely open now and ready to heal. The first one represents where I feel like I am right now. The second is the building of many new layers in my life through the guidance of God and the universe. The last is where I want to be in the future after the 21 days. I am working on samples for several spiritual retreat workshops and on Sept. 22 I will share my mandala technique with cancer survivors and I cant wait. I have an amazing artist friend who will be teaching a collaborative workshop. If you are interested in our process just "friend" me on Facebook under Amy Derubis. I have tons of pictures under the title, Mandala Workshop. As always I am grateful that you take the time to visit my blog. :) xo