Monday, February 23, 2009

ROSES: An Unexpected Treasure

My friend Rachel was by the other day to drop off some music for me.  She mentioned that her friend was trying to get rid of some fabric that was handed down from a friend of hers who is downscaling her collection.  Well, yesterday I had the pleasure of sharing company with the gifter of the fabric, my neighbor Connie.  As soon as I walked through her front door, I felt as if I was in primitive "Heaven".  First of all there wasn't an object in the whole house that looked "out of place".  I HAVE to go back and take pics of her house.  She had the most wonderful treasures!  Old suitcases, hats, a jealous collection of little antique mirrors that were to die for,and wonderful pieces of primitve furniture.  Connie is kind of "retiring" herself as she did shows for many years.  She makes the most beautiful wares and now has narrowed down her crafting to making amazing wool purses for an upscale shop.  Anyway, after making me the most wonderful cup of tea, she brought out a huge box.  I took a peek in and got goose bumps.  Now I am by no means an expert in the field of vintage fabric, but all I know is I LOVE this material and can't WAIT to do something with it.  Connie read a note from the woman who gifted her this fabric.  It explained that the fabric was milled in 1925 somewhere in New York.  Connie wasn't sure where she got the fabric but knew this woman was (she guessed) somewhere in her late seventies.  It was such a thrill rummaging through the boxes.  There was a feel of nostalgia that I can't explain as I ran my fingers through the fabric.  I hope you can see just how wonderful this fabric is from the pictures.  I know there is some chiffon, velvet, maybe silk?  Some wonderful sheer cottony type fabric and the COLORS.... wonderful patinas that only come with age.  And oh, two pieces seem to have metal tinsely thread running through them.  Here I am cleaning out my stash.. but this, I couldn't pass up.  I feel I have been gifted with a new treasure AND a new friend...Life is good!:)  OH, and I mentioned I was low on pearl buttons.  She brought out several huge tins of buttons, hands me a big zip-loc and told me to "help myself".  She said it brought her joy knowing she could give these things to some one who would appreciate them.  Needless to say, I felt so "gluttonous" stuffing this bag with such wonderful treasures. Yet, it didn't stop me.:)

Oh, and of course, as I was trying to snap pictures, Ethan broke out in another episode of "table dancing"!!  I also broke out some "paint with water" books this weekend.  He is having so much fun with them.  He took his "masterpieces" off the fridge  to show Ellory's friend ,Mary this evening.  

I PROMISE i will get "back on track" with directions on the duct tape snowgirl and some other goodies.  For now, time to get little guy to bed!!:)