Monday, September 21, 2009

I've finally reached my Boiling point....

Well, at least my little cow has.:)  As you may have read in former posts, I do a lot of "creating" in the kitchen.  Well, I had the little cow in the picture above, sitting on a little ledge above the stove, when lo and behold, the little guy decided to jump into the pasta pot while it was boiling.  I quickly retrieved him with my tongs.  The good news is, he actually did me a favor.  Now I know that my little dolls are totally water proof!!!  He doesn't seem any "worse for the wear", but he told me he prefers drier pastures.:)

Still working on my little dolls and I ran into a small glitch.  I realized that i have to create some little stands for them as they tend to be a little "wobbly".  Well, I figured out what I will create, but this is yet another setback in my posting.  I DID post a few pics of what I am working on.  Also, I am starting an album of paintings on my facebook.  Hopefully will have more time to paint.  With homeschooling , chasing a toddler who is into EVERYTHING and balancing my home life, I treasure every minute I get to create.  Also, I feel bad I am not commenting as much as I used to on my "fave blogs".  Know that I am visiting when I can.:) AND will try harder. :)

I hate to complain, but am fighting a stomach virus.  Am pretty much over the "tummy part", but am let exhausted.:)   So, am trying to take it easy today and get a little caught up on posting.  I want to head out and capture a little "Fall" on my camera.  It's been so nice here.:)  Well, gotta run, little guy is teething and keeps biting our dog.  Our poor Golden.  He is the sweetest dog in the world  to put up with such abuse AND he still loves Ethan as if he is his own puppy.:)