Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dolly Dreaming

I haven't had time to do any creating lately.  I HAVE been purging a lot of my stuff.... getting ready to send to the thrift pile.  I just don't have room both physically and mentally to keep EVERYTHING anymore.  So I am going through all my stuff and keeping only what tugs at my heartstrings.  I would love to get back into doll making again.  It's been a long I look through some of my pictures from the last five years,  I realize that I really miss fabric.  I struggle with asthma and had to pretty much pack up A LOT of my favorite books (vintage collection), most of my fabric dolls and fabrics,  and totally change the way I decorate.   I spent too much time in the basement the last two days and I feel the lungs struggling a little.  That being said, I think that if I limit my fabric collection and stay out of the basement, i will be OK, not perfect, but I never feel perfect anyway.  Anyway, I have many ideas "brewing", to combine some cloth with what I am doing.   Well, back to the thrift pile!:)