Saturday, December 19, 2009

Settling in....

I t feels good to actually be writing, but I realize that as the new year approaches I need to be more consistent with my writing. It has been about a year since I wrote my first post. I think I have lost site of the "why" I started this blog. Sometimes I get so "bogged down" in thoughts about what am I writing that I lose site of the simple purpose that I set out to complete. I basically wanted an online journal to write down simple thoughts, snippets of the day, things I am working on and of course, to meet some
"kindred spirits", (which I have.):) So, in the next year, I will try to strive to not to worry so much about the fact I can't spell to save my life and that the "grammar police" could probably have a warrant out for my arrest and just try to simply, "write".

In other news, I have been filling my etsy shoppe with some work. My seller name is forgottenfrends. I have tried unsuccessfully to add a link to this page. If anybody could help me in this area, I would GREATLY appreciate that.:)

We have been busily baking cookies. Ethan's hand is now "tie dyed" as a result of discovering the food coloring while Ellory was baby sitting last night. It has been snowing since last night and is a perfect day to settle in and do some more baking. While the girls bake cookies, Tim will experimenting with some artisan breads. We are making a traditional German Christmas this year for my mum. I am so blessed to have a husband who loves to cook and has a real talent for it.:)