Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"You Tube" and "You Never Know"

Just a quick post... .you just never know what's out there on the net. I  Didn't realize there was footage of me on You Tube.  I just wanted to put up the Music Video that our extremely talented friend  Anthony produced for Tim's song "Waterman",(one of my favorites that Tim wrote).  I found footage of me performing with Tim and I couldn't get them off my blog.  (They were pretty boring.)  But alas, I was able to remove the video AND my bad hair! Yeah!  For more samples of Tim's music go to hhstudios.com  OH, and in the same vein of this random post,  I just put up some pictures of work that had hearts or kind of a "Valentiney" feel to them.  All are long gone except for the trinket box which I never tried to sell.  It just kind of hangs out in my craft room.  As you can tell I am a big fan of hearts....oh and I noticed a few scarves "blowing around" as well.:)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Radishes: Staying on Track Equals "Caving in"!

Oh, I am soooo tired and should be catching up on emails right now.  Well,  after moving down all my "creative rubbish" from the family room,  I realized that in order to get any "playtime"  I would have to "cave" and move up some of my stuff.  I am allowing myself one table of "stuff" and one crate of favorite books and mags.  So far it is working out and  I am a much happier person!  Ryan still has plenty of room for his "corner", we still have a corner for "cozying up" with a movie or book and I can still move my piano up and have it close to this computer to record.  Oh, and Ethan still has his toy corner.  Well, this summer I will try to make it more aesthetic, but for now it is functional.  I even got some pieces three quarters completed.  They definitely still need  "a little something".  I bet you can guess which quirky picture is called "Staying on Track...."  I have been sketching lots of characters on wheels.  I am trying my best "to keep on track" this year and am also in an obsession with toy trains lately, inspired by watching too much Thomas the Tank!  The others are inspired by Valentines, winter magic and love letters.   It feels good to sit down and write a little despite the "business" around me.