Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Works in progress...

...Right now I am in a flurry of creative confusion....Hope this all comes together in time for the show.:) And of course a few pictures of our fall adventures.:)

Since this is my first show, I am trying to figure out what I can make that will actually sell!! Money is kinda a nice thing to have.:) AND I tend to not be the most business savvy. I AM working on that.

The first picture is a shot of my drawing table. The little blocks are creations by super talented friend, Laurie Meseroll. Who happens to be be a super great person as well!! Well, I kind of "stole" these from Laurie and I owe her BIG TIME!!!:)

Well, off to make coffee and get back to work.:) I set up Ethan a table so he works with me on and off during the day.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A SHOW!!!!

November 20 & 21 2010

Saturday 9-5, Sunday 9-4

I am so excited to announce I will be a part of this show. I will post works in progress soon. Thanks so much for all your kind comments and support on the last post. I really dont feel so much alone. :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Trails Ahead!!

Well, I am so sorry to announce that I am taking the rest of the summer off to reorganize and revamp my etsy shoppe, my blog and my life.
On a positive note, I have decided to make a plan and revamp my Etsy (more littles than bigs) and take some of my girls and their pets, "On the Road." :)
I am so thankful for all my friends and their wonderful advice! I really love you guys and will be in touch via your blogs. Thanks to my blogging friends who have offered their help in my adventure and to all who just visit. Whether you leave a comment of not, I appreciate the kind thoughts you send me.:)

I will hopefully be back this fall with new items and maybe a few shows to announce.:) xxxoooo

Happy Summer and Happy Trails to you. xo

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stars amd Stripes Forever.....

Well, It has been a while since I posted and am anxious to jot down a few notes here and share some pictures. Summer has been so busy and I barely have had time to even be on the computer. As you can see from the pictures, I am sketching and creating but haven't finished much. Every summer it seems that I find myself experimenting with many different mediums. You may see that reflected in some of my pictures.

I am also getting ready for the J.S.O.'s fourth of July concert. Have I ever mentioned that I am a substitute, symphony flutist by trade? Well, this week will be spent practicing. It is always a fun concert as the symphony plays through as the fireworks go off. They almost lost funding this concert this year but some kind hearts came through at the last minute with funds. A lot of symphonies are losing funding. What a shame. Ours is one of the top 5 in the state and we have a lot of local support but this was scary. I know that it is one of the Maestro's favorite concerts so I am glad it worked out. I love this concert so much I would play for free if need be!!:) So, Happy Early Fourth to all.:)

I actually completed a few of my little dolls. I am kind of saving them until I get a bunch made. Ethan loves to play with them and line them up. It's so cute. I would like to humbly ask my blog friends if they know of any shows I could possibly attend that my art may fit into? Am I even "good enough" to get into a show? I am a "people person" and would love some human interaction and maybe meet some fellow artists out there.

Etsy is not going well for me right now. I am working on something I have never done before. I am working on making little packets of tags to sell and possibly and "outside the lines" colouring book. I am also in the process of listing a bunch of art for 4-sale at $15.00.

Well, life here just got loud and crazy so I guess that's my cue to quit writing!!:) Oh, and the little guy in charge of all the clatter just happens to be the novice, fly fisherman in the pictures!! hugs to all!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Fun and "Etsying"

Been doing a lot of playing outside with Ethan. (I posted a bunch of new pictures on my facebook.) And... am finally putting the finishing touches on a bunch of pieces. I feel so far behind on life and these little moments of creating keep me sane.:)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Works in Progress...

Just a few things in progress....

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bloggie update Soon...

I have been "under the weather" but promise to update my blog soon. I wanted to thank every one for all their kind words and encouragement. It really meant the world to me.:) You are all the "bestest". :)

I will be back soon with pictures and I can't wait to share some swaps I have received.

Well, off to put together some fans. A really wild Friday night at the homestead. LOL!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old stuff, Old ideas....New Inspiration

I have been having a rough couple of weeks. I guess the worries of what people think of me are starting to hurt. The questions keep spinning around in my head that I have heard in the past. Why didn't you go to college with a more practical career path in mind? Why do you spend so much time creating art when you make very little money? Why don't I have a REAL job? AND a family member left a nice comment on one of my face book pictures and asked, "Did Ethan(our two year old) get out the crayons?" I guess the decisions I made to some aren't the best and sometimes in some weird way, I bury my feelings into my art. It doesn't talk back. It doesn't care if i'm not perfect and is helps me "heal". I don't know what I would do if I couldn't create. I am wondering if any one out there feels like this at times?

I had been working on a technique using repurposed paper and magazines awhile back. I made the first little doll in the top picture and put her up on Etsy when Ethan was still little. Well, she didn't sell and she got tossed in the reject bin with many others, waiting to be reworked or painted over. As I was visiting my bin, I rescued this little piece and decided that I really like her for more than just visual reasons. I like that I am recycling my materials and using up what I have on hand. I like that this style is more intuitive and as I create, the creation seems to "talk" to me. I like that as I am working I feel "good" about what I am doing. I like that I can be at my kitchen counter working on a piece while I am cooking or while I am watching and playing with my little guy. I like that I feel more "spiritual" and connected to my Creator. For me, the finished product is more that just a "picture". I would call it a form a prayer for me. I feel the same way when I am stitching up one of my paper dolls. As it turns out, in this really dark time, I feel a little "lighter" and a little more hopeful.

More posts coming soon from the recycle bin. AND I promise not to be so "boo hoo me".:) xxooo

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From Sketch to Sentiment...

I made a promise to myself that I would send more letters out this year. I really AM trying to catch up with friends but life (sometimes) gets in the way. I started these little sketches this winter and FINALLY ran them up to staples and had some prints made. I attached most of these to repurposed note cards and scrap book paper. Those went onto a piece of 81/2 x 11 inch card stock. I bought a big box of greeting card envelopes and made these cards. I have been making cards since I was little and my skill level hasn't improved much.:) I think I may add some vintage buttons but I wanted to keep them simple so I would be motivated to make more. I have a daughter home with mono right now and a son who hasn't been feeling well with other issues. Both are feeling a little better so hopefully I will be more productive, soon.:)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Well, spring WAS here for a few days and I am so thankful. Right now we are a little chilled and the heat came on this morning. I know that spring "will" be back and that makes days like today much easier.:)

First of all, thanks to all that left such nice comments. It is so nice to know I am not alone and I have discovered new friends.

Well, Ethan just deleted all my writing and so I will post more soon. PROMISE. I will try to upload a few pics between his screaming here.:) Yikes. Ethan made the comment, "mummy you are painting dolls." I guess I am.:) I am also working on other dolls as well. Hope to post more soon and tell of the "goings on" here.:)