Monday, February 16, 2009

Rubbish: From vacuums to duct tape!!!!

Whew!!  What a day!  Ethan is always insisting on helping me with chores... in his own "style".  From helping in the "feeding" the animals and floor cleaning, by way of "eating" the random cereal on the floor to vacuuming pretty much everything in his path...but with a watchful eye, I let him have a little fun...a few minutes turned into many tantrums when I tried to "take over" .  After an hour of fighting for the vac back...he finally relinquished  and read some of his favorite books and took a nice long nap.  

While Ethan napped, I stole a little time to put the finishing touches on a quick snowman I made basically out of a bottle and duct tape.  I will blog more about that tomorrow.   Now, must get back to chores!!!