Saturday, December 19, 2009

Settling in....

I t feels good to actually be writing, but I realize that as the new year approaches I need to be more consistent with my writing. It has been about a year since I wrote my first post. I think I have lost site of the "why" I started this blog. Sometimes I get so "bogged down" in thoughts about what am I writing that I lose site of the simple purpose that I set out to complete. I basically wanted an online journal to write down simple thoughts, snippets of the day, things I am working on and of course, to meet some
"kindred spirits", (which I have.):) So, in the next year, I will try to strive to not to worry so much about the fact I can't spell to save my life and that the "grammar police" could probably have a warrant out for my arrest and just try to simply, "write".

In other news, I have been filling my etsy shoppe with some work. My seller name is forgottenfrends. I have tried unsuccessfully to add a link to this page. If anybody could help me in this area, I would GREATLY appreciate that.:)

We have been busily baking cookies. Ethan's hand is now "tie dyed" as a result of discovering the food coloring while Ellory was baby sitting last night. It has been snowing since last night and is a perfect day to settle in and do some more baking. While the girls bake cookies, Tim will experimenting with some artisan breads. We are making a traditional German Christmas this year for my mum. I am so blessed to have a husband who loves to cook and has a real talent for it.:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's about time!!

It's been so long since I posted that I almost forgot how. Browser problems have been plaguing me for months now. I THINK that it is doing better. I have pretty much been "under the weather since early October when the plague of h1n1 hit us.:) I can't belive that I am STILL running a fever on and off and feel like a will be coughing forever. When I had my foll0w up app't yesterday, the doc told me that a lot of his patients are going through the same thing.

OK enough of that. I have been having so much fun making these little ornaments. My friend Suz of "ahh,surprise,", (see the link button on the right), ecouraged me to try my hand at making some ornaments. So here is the result so far.:)

Ethan is at such a fun age right now. We have been enjoying him so much. AND my baby girl had her 16th birthday yesterday. Unbelievable!!

Is anyone else anticipating Christmas as much as I am?? Not the commercial version, but looking forward to decorating, cookie baking and having family and friends around.:) Oh, AND of course only about a week until Thanksgiving.

Well, hopefully I will be blogging more now that the computer is doing better.:) Maybe it caught a bad virus too!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Works in Progress and Finished and Something Super

Just a Picture of some stuff in Progress, some stuff finished and a "super" little guy.:)

Monday, September 21, 2009

I've finally reached my Boiling point....

Well, at least my little cow has.:)  As you may have read in former posts, I do a lot of "creating" in the kitchen.  Well, I had the little cow in the picture above, sitting on a little ledge above the stove, when lo and behold, the little guy decided to jump into the pasta pot while it was boiling.  I quickly retrieved him with my tongs.  The good news is, he actually did me a favor.  Now I know that my little dolls are totally water proof!!!  He doesn't seem any "worse for the wear", but he told me he prefers drier pastures.:)

Still working on my little dolls and I ran into a small glitch.  I realized that i have to create some little stands for them as they tend to be a little "wobbly".  Well, I figured out what I will create, but this is yet another setback in my posting.  I DID post a few pics of what I am working on.  Also, I am starting an album of paintings on my facebook.  Hopefully will have more time to paint.  With homeschooling , chasing a toddler who is into EVERYTHING and balancing my home life, I treasure every minute I get to create.  Also, I feel bad I am not commenting as much as I used to on my "fave blogs".  Know that I am visiting when I can.:) AND will try harder. :)

I hate to complain, but am fighting a stomach virus.  Am pretty much over the "tummy part", but am let exhausted.:)   So, am trying to take it easy today and get a little caught up on posting.  I want to head out and capture a little "Fall" on my camera.  It's been so nice here.:)  Well, gotta run, little guy is teething and keeps biting our dog.  Our poor Golden.  He is the sweetest dog in the world  to put up with such abuse AND he still loves Ethan as if he is his own puppy.:)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer's end

There is a definite change in the air.  I am looking forward to Fall.:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something Olde is something new.......

Coming soon............ "Forgotten Friends"..... stay tuned for time and place......

Happy Second Birthday Ethan...:)

Can't believe our little guy is two!  We had a little party on his big day with neighbors out on the front porch.  Thanks for your creative cupcakes Ellory!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Organizing...(or The Battle of the Clutter Bug!!)

We are in the process of working on the house.  One of the projects we are finishing up is Ellory's room.  It is a little "bitter sweet" as I painted over her "little girl" furniture.  It's not that my paintings were that great, but it's more that I am sad and happy at the same time that my little girl is growing up.    We are having fun decorating together.  We ordered some new furniture pieces, new carpet is ordered, and we are looking for some accessories to help her organize.

I am busy fighting the "clutter bug".  I am trying to create in a very small area and  trying to keep it neat and tidy at the same time.  I finally gave up and moved back to the basement once again.  I am busy mixing my paints and experimenting with mediums.   ONE OF MY EXPERIMENTS HAS BEEN WITH PAPER.  I have been "distressing" it many times over, using various techniques until it is as soft as fabric.  On the little "pillow" in the picture, I painted it first and then distressed it.  I did this with several samples.  Although the paper is soft and pliable, it's hard to see the composition.  Some were really bad.  Sooo back to the drawing board.  This time , I will try to prepare the paper fisrt, THEN paint on it.

I am still targeting for a "beginning" of September re- opening of my etsy shop.

I am so enjoy browsing everyones' blogs and am spending way too much time on Facebook.

We have been having computer problems all summer.  Hopefully, this will be the last fix.:)  AND i will be able to blog more.

Speaking of bugs,  Ethan and I are the only ones who have, (so far), "skated" from a summer cold.  Yikes.   

Well, our warm weather has arrived with a vengeance.  I think we will head to Grandmas and swim....:) I will probably take some projects "to go" as well.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sneak Peak

Last parties of the summer in Folk Town before the Fall Festivities begin.........

Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Happenings and Fun FOlk

OMG!!!  It has been SO LONG since I updated my blog.  We have been busy taking some "mini trips" and working on doing  just a bunch of "chores" we have been dragging our feet on.  We our going through our storage items slowly and trying to "scale down".  I guess we have about 70 crates of books alone to go through.  The last few days I have been busying myself, (with the help of Ellory..) with the painting of her room.  From little girl pink and green to the bright colors she craves.  Right now I am in the process of priming her "Peptobismul" pink woodwork.  Ughhhhh.... what a job that was.  I also did a very poor job of plastering some of the walls as well.  I started stripping the paper two years ago when I was a week from delivering Ethan...poor girl lived on that "awful"  room for two years.  I will take pics when we finish.:)

We attended a Celtic festival and Feis in June.  We drove to the hills of Tennessee to visit Ryan's sweet girlfriend Haley and just busied ourselves with activities around town.  We also performed with Tim at our friend's farm as a family for  the first time.  I snagged some cool pottery and plan to return.  Sadly, this will be the last year for "Art on the Farm" as Dan and Geeg are both retired and just want to enjoy life and of course, grand kids.  They just bought a new camper so I see a lot of traveling in their future around the US.:)

I am still working on my new Folktown dolls and have discovered some really cool , new techniques along the way.  I am planning on making many more and my sketchbook is jammed with tons of ideas.  I am SO CLOSE to finding my niche...I am still experimenting and perfecting.  As you can see from the pictures, I am still working on putting pieces together, but wanted to "Show and Tell a little" as I have no one here to share with.:(  Ethan is into everything and going through a terrible bout of separation anxiety.  I have a small table I work from in the family room once again.  I have abandoned they idea of having my own studio for a few years.  

Well, I am home alone with "the boys" as Ellory and Tim head out to Dublin...Ohio that is, for another Celtic festival and dance competition.  Ryan plans on showing me an anime movie and we are ordering Chinese.  It will be a good night for it as it has been raining here for two days.

Lastly, I am getting my house straightened and doing a lot more cooking.:)  Tim and I were able to "steal away" for an overnighter at the Dillweed Bed and Breakfast which is owned by our dear friends Cindy Gilmore(mom) and Corey(son) and Kyra Gilmore.  We had a nice trail ride on our bikes..I  packed a picnic to share (most recipes from the New Moosewood Cookbook)  and Tim provided a nice bottle of wine.  We had a really nice evening together.  We had run of the B and B and it was fun doing some "midnight shopping" in their wonderful store.:)  I have to figure out how to hyper so I could send you there for a virtual visit.

OH, AND I finally joined facebook!:)  Would love to have some new kindred "friends" over there....:)  Hope to hear from some of you soon to see how your summer is going.:)

PS  Am having some MAJOR camera problems and will hopefully have a new one real soon.:)