Monday, November 14, 2011

Rubbish: Creations made from mostly paper!

Despite the 70 degree weather is starting to feel like the Christmas season. I have been working on new stuff I am really excited about and looking forward to adding more.:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Shows!!!

I really, really LOVE Lani's painting!! I am proud owner of a hex sign and box!!!

Lani's scarves and her hand painted tree skirts.:)
My booth.

OK, Here it is, November already!! I am FINALLY getting back to creating again. Here are a bunch of pictures of some new things and a show that one of my
'bestest" and extremely talented friends in the whole world did together. It was so much fun!!! Lani does the most wonderful hex signs made from old barn wood that she found on her own property, woolen goods such as pillows and felted purses and beautiful scarves. She is an amazing quilter and seamstress. Her house is inspiring and amazing. We are both going through similar situations in are lives and are learning to spread our wings together.:) Also, I am looking to do some more shows if anyone kindly thinks that some of my wares would fit into any shows you know of, please I would LOVE to know and meet some kindred spirits. I have two sick kids home today on the couch. We have been going through lots of tissues the past few days. :) But, we have already had our first big snow and I am inspired to make some Christmas ornaments!!! Hopefully, I will be a more faithful blogger soon!!!! xo

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roses, Radishes,Rubbish and a redo

I am in a flurry to FINALLY take the step to put a few things up on etsy. I promised to have Forgettn Friends Friday and I still will. This will take some pressure off of me so even if I only list one item on Fridays my shop will be stocked a bit. Working on some personal art and it feels great!!! After listing the teddy bear and puppy painting I realized I wasn't happy with it. I painted in the background a bit and added a border. I felt like the toys seemed to blend into the background too much. Also, my camera is a struggle and I am taking my pictures outdoors and they seem to be sharper. So, taking a deep breath and stepping ahead. :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who am I?

This was the question posed for week one of the Chopra Center's 21 days of meditation. To kick off the event, I did a little personal retreat reflecting on the question. This is a finger labyrinth. You pose a question at the beginning of the labyrinth and follow your finger along the winding path. Through prayer and meditation and in your own stillness, it helps to center you in prayer. I have found great comfort in walking a full size labyrinth as well as using a finger labyrinth. I will use this labyrinth for the question, "who am I?," only. I have made others for general use as well. Here is what I ended up with. If you would like to "try out" this labyrinth, click on the very last picture to enlarge and use your mouse to follow the path. Find some quiet time so you can concentrate and open up to the possibilities. I would love to hear your experience if you give it a try. :)

I guess I am no longer afraid to admit that my heart is broken, tattered, torn and ripped apart but I am also completely open now and ready to heal. The first one represents where I feel like I am right now. The second is the building of many new layers in my life through the guidance of God and the universe. The last is where I want to be in the future after the 21 days. I am working on samples for several spiritual retreat workshops and on Sept. 22 I will share my mandala technique with cancer survivors and I cant wait. I have an amazing artist friend who will be teaching a collaborative workshop. If you are interested in our process just "friend" me on Facebook under Amy Derubis. I have tons of pictures under the title, Mandala Workshop. As always I am grateful that you take the time to visit my blog. :) xo

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cooling Down!!

Finally, some cool weather has arrived and I am busily working on some new stuff. Somehow I uploaded the same picture three times and I can't figure out how to get rid of the extras! Sorry about that.:) xo PS..Thanks, Suz for the help!! The extra pictures are now gone.:)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Forgotten Friends Friday???

Well, it IS Saturday but this is my plan. Every Friday I will post some new items in my Etsy shop. It is so hot in the computer room (90 degrees) that I could only muster up the energy to post one item. Sooooo, all this week will be "forgotten Friends Friday" until I get caught up.:)

Thanks for all the kind words left on my means so much that you stop in and say hi.:)

xxxoooo Amy

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Teddy Bear Love....

Did you ever have a really good friend that you fell out of touch with? Did it feel like the more time passed, the more difficult it was to take that step to get back in touch? That's exactly the way I feel about this blog. Today is to be the day that I take the step to post. As I write, it feels just like that old friend that you re-connect with, the one who doesn't judge and loves you unconditionally. I think that's why I love stuffed animals so much. For me, they represent that unconditional love of someone who always has a hugs and a shoulder to cry on, no matter the situation. I am hoping to reconnect with the blogging world once again. Here are a few virtual hugs I have been working on. Hope you like them. xxoo

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Roses: Heart of Winter

Now that we are in the heart of winter, I have purged, planned and am settling in to create and make my dreams into reality. I have been quiet online, but it hasn't been quiet around here. I have been taking classes, receiving counseling and making a plan for my life. Of course, all this around a toddler toddling and young adults finding themselves as well. So that said, I will be facilitating my first-ever workshop. I have posted some pictures of the samples. The workshop is just exploring who you are and finding one, resounding affirmation about yourself. I am so excited.:)

We have all been busy here and life is good...not perfect...but good.:)