Saturday, January 24, 2009


I feel so guilty!  THIS HOUSE IS TRASHED!!  I really, really meant to spend the day cleaning.  Ryan has been staying with grandma for a few days.  He called and needed reading material.  Sooo .....I made a trip to the library... where I also spent a few hours yesterday for a play date with my friend Ellen and her sweet granddaughter, Molli,  who is about the same age as Ethan.  Well, Ryan called me three times for me to pick up some of the books for him.  My mum was swinging by "the mall" for something, so I met him at the door and dropped off a bag of books for him.  Since I had Ellory in the car with me and Ethan was sleeping so sweetly,  I ran into  the store for diapers, a trip to michaels where I found more stuff I don't need, and a store called "The Outhouse" which carries random paper goods (OK I bought 100 french fry bags because I LOVED the feel of them for collaging?) from stores that have closed.  They also have a candy supply "storette" where Elle and I picked up our annual Valentine day supplies. It has been just "us girls" and Ethan for the last few days.  I have not cleaned, cooked ( except to make a batch of cookies, just what I needed), my hair is barely combed and Ethan is lucky to have a fresh Dipe!!!  Well, I will go to mums tonight to celebrate Ryan's birthday.  (That's where he wanted it....I will cart down pizzas from his fave joint and chase Ryan around her "Marthaesque" , overly cleaned and organized house.  Oh that DOES come with all the trimmings I crave.  Finely decorated table, everything matchy, matchy....and we never EVER mix dishes!!!  I LOVE that at HER house!!  I feel so bad when she comes to visit ME:)  I wonder why I need a pepcid all of the sudden???:)

P.S.  Does anyone else out there like sketching on manilla folders??.....I just LOVE the color of them... also gifted myself with two .005 micron pens.  

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ROSES: Bountiful Snow

I have been "quiet" in the past week trying to get the house in order and making a plan to organize my chores so I have more time to create.  I still have a ways to go but am getting there, slowly but surely.  Included in this organization is finishing up my little nook (almost done) and I am STILL putting away Christmas decorations. I am also creating a journaling/planning my day/meditation kind of spot. I will be making a bigger effort to catch up on correspondence with friends as well.  Between baby and homeschooling and trying to keep up with everything, my creative endeavors are squeezed in at any free minute I have.  "The nook" has been great....I am able to "steal" a lot more time and even have a few things ready for Etsy!  Maybe someday I will be brave enough to share pics of my little space.

We had a great time on Sunday with our little guy.  It was just that perfect snow AND perfect temperature to be outside.  He LOVED the sled and playing in the snow.  Ethan's bestest furry friend Jasper had fun too!:)  OH, we have been having furnace problems and I am happy to report we will have consistent heat after today.  OF course when it rains it pours.  My van had a major breakdown at the same time.  

Well, baby is calling .......