Monday, December 29, 2008

Radishes: Belated Holiday Post

I am still enjoying Christmas Vacation but I only wish for just a little snow!  This post of some of my vintage displays, is so "thrown together" this year and I am a little embarrassed.  I just don't have the "flair" of so many talented bloggers out there.   Now, I am still enjoying them, but I think it is partially because of the sentiments attached.  The snowman book my Dad (who passed away in July)  found for me at a thrift shop, the vintage snow couple Tim found in the basement of a rental property, the flocked ornaments from  my dear friend (and adopted cousin) Lani that belonged to her grandparents,  Tim's adopted great grandmother's vintage tabletop tree with bubble lights, the four foot goose feather tree from my mum......Ryan and Ellory's hand painted ornaments, Tim's paper chain he made in Kindergarden and the first snowman Tim ever gifted me when we were dating... and all the Christmas memories I hold dear in my heart.....this is what makes Christmas special to me. ...  And baby Ethan in his santa suit......watching him play with the train under our tree.....being thankful for all my heavenly Father provides us with....and the little things I can share with others......Blessed Christmas wishes and Happy Hanukkah to all my family treasured friends...and new family out here in "Bloggerland."

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