Sunday, January 11, 2009

Radishes: Staying on Track Equals "Caving in"!

Oh, I am soooo tired and should be catching up on emails right now.  Well,  after moving down all my "creative rubbish" from the family room,  I realized that in order to get any "playtime"  I would have to "cave" and move up some of my stuff.  I am allowing myself one table of "stuff" and one crate of favorite books and mags.  So far it is working out and  I am a much happier person!  Ryan still has plenty of room for his "corner", we still have a corner for "cozying up" with a movie or book and I can still move my piano up and have it close to this computer to record.  Oh, and Ethan still has his toy corner.  Well, this summer I will try to make it more aesthetic, but for now it is functional.  I even got some pieces three quarters completed.  They definitely still need  "a little something".  I bet you can guess which quirky picture is called "Staying on Track...."  I have been sketching lots of characters on wheels.  I am trying my best "to keep on track" this year and am also in an obsession with toy trains lately, inspired by watching too much Thomas the Tank!  The others are inspired by Valentines, winter magic and love letters.   It feels good to sit down and write a little despite the "business" around me. 


Kriss said...


Your sketches and pictures are wonderful. I'm in awe of them every time I come to your blog.


hens teeth said...

Hello Amy
Thank you so much for your truly lovely comment.
Well what can I say...... I ADORE YOUR WORK..... it's incredible! You have a unique talent. I am desperate to see more. Have you a Flickr site, an Etsy site? Tell me, tell me please!

cheryl kuhn said...

Oh Amy, those pieces are AMAZING! Thanks so much for your message on my blog, now i know how to see your wonderful creations. Speaking of wonderful creations, I cannot believe how big Ethan is! Seems like only yesterday when i held him at the show, he is darling. He takes after his mama!! I look forward to reading your blog and drooling over your work. Your dolls still hold a special wall of fame in my home!

hugs to you, Cheryl

Jolie Dennison said...

These are so incredibly charming! I love seeing all your pieces together. It really adds extra impact.