Saturday, February 14, 2009

Roses: Valentine Wishes

Happy Valentines Day to all my friends.:) 

 Thanks for the well wishes.  I feel much better this morning and hoping it lasts.  I can't wait to peruse the last few day of posts on my favorite blogs.  Well, I really, really wanted to make some Valentines this year.  If I get some made they WILL be late.  Ellory and I will be making candy today and Ryan made fudge for his girlfriend which is packed up right now with some other little gifts to send off.  AND... some packages are going out to England and FLorida...hint, hint.  And few others in the works... not quite packed up.  It felt good to pack up some stuff. 

  Oh, and some flowers arrived yesterday from my traveling  hubby.  Thanks for the sweetness Tim!  It really brightened our day.  Ellory received the candy heart bouquet and I got the beautiful topiary arrangement.  My pics don't do them justice.  AND speaking of Valentines... please check out "Small Stories Studio" (link is right of this post) for some of the most beautiful Valentine inspired gifts I have ever seen.  I own a few of her pieces and they are AMAZING.. please treat yourself to one, you won't be sorry!:)

  Oh, and Ethan got some balloons which he is crazy about.  I also bought him some plastic Easter eggs and put them in a cartoon.  They are a big hit.  I usually let him "help" in the kitchen.  Yesterday, I had the eggs a little too close to the edge of the counter.  He preceded to "help" by cracking an egg on the floor then ran off with another!  What a mess.  Oh, and the other pictures of Ethan are of the little guy sneaking onto the dining room table with his other "favorite" toy,  a microphone... he LOVES singing!!  

 OH, and thanks to Ruth for the homemade Valentine and lovely linen embroidery and directions from 1965.  It is "started" with some stitches ... can't wait to do something with that.I will post some pics when I create something with it!:)  Oh, and the blue collage picture on this post is almost finished with the help of Ruth.  She suggested I add a "thread" nest and make the girl stick out more.  I added some backings to a few things and really like the way it turned out.  I am not quite finished as I would like to add a little message tucked in the nest.  Thanks again Ruth! 

 Thanks again to all my blogging friends who constantly brighten my day! :) A BIG Valentine hug.:)


Hens Teeth said...

Oh how I adore your uniquely, wonderful work!
Glad you are sounding a little better. Your flowers are so lovely. Hope you and the family have a great weekend.
viv x

cheryl kuhn said...

oh he looks like a future American Idol in the making!! Aren't they just the sweetest things at that age. Speaking of sweet, what a lucky gal you are to have a sweet hubby send you those beautiful flowers!!
Glad to hear you are feeling better and thanks for the kind words about my Valentine pieces. Yours are spectacular as ever....
hugs, Cheryl

Baggaraggs: said...

As you know your art just about puts me into the HOspiTal! i love it. LOL. I did have to giggle about your little singer. Reminds me of my daughter when she was little, although I didn't find her on the Table. He is just the cutest. I would save that pic for his wedding album. Happy Valentines day. Love to you and a hug to your little singer

johnny said...

great to talk with you and see your family and your work..You Rock!!!
Can't wait to make some music!!


Ruth W said...

Such a cool thread nest! Love it! Managed to get in some thread time myself - sewed up Duvet covers for the girls room. :) Have a great day!