Thursday, January 7, 2010

As it seems to never stop snowing....

I have created a warm nook in my family room to work and create.... I am still putting away Christmas stuff here.:) I also added another post today called "snippets of the season" which is a round about way to say, these are Christmas pictures.:)


sUz said...

oh aMy, I LOVE your new pieces!!! Will they be in your shop anytime soon? Or are they all spoken for? I was thinking you could make smaller pieces and they could become brooches!

It's been pretty snowy, windy, and COLD here too. We will have a little warm up mid week but then it will be bone cold with snow again next weekend.

Hope you are having a good day my friend!

sUz :)

Baggaraggs: said...

Amy, Close that door to winter!!! We are soooo cold down here in the Land of Baggaraggs. My house was not build for all this vicious air lowing on my old Bones!! LOLHope you are doing great. I am taking an Izanna Walker Workshop, there is a link on my blog if you want to check it out. Love to you. Robin