Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stars amd Stripes Forever.....

Well, It has been a while since I posted and am anxious to jot down a few notes here and share some pictures. Summer has been so busy and I barely have had time to even be on the computer. As you can see from the pictures, I am sketching and creating but haven't finished much. Every summer it seems that I find myself experimenting with many different mediums. You may see that reflected in some of my pictures.

I am also getting ready for the J.S.O.'s fourth of July concert. Have I ever mentioned that I am a substitute, symphony flutist by trade? Well, this week will be spent practicing. It is always a fun concert as the symphony plays through as the fireworks go off. They almost lost funding this concert this year but some kind hearts came through at the last minute with funds. A lot of symphonies are losing funding. What a shame. Ours is one of the top 5 in the state and we have a lot of local support but this was scary. I know that it is one of the Maestro's favorite concerts so I am glad it worked out. I love this concert so much I would play for free if need be!!:) So, Happy Early Fourth to all.:)

I actually completed a few of my little dolls. I am kind of saving them until I get a bunch made. Ethan loves to play with them and line them up. It's so cute. I would like to humbly ask my blog friends if they know of any shows I could possibly attend that my art may fit into? Am I even "good enough" to get into a show? I am a "people person" and would love some human interaction and maybe meet some fellow artists out there.

Etsy is not going well for me right now. I am working on something I have never done before. I am working on making little packets of tags to sell and possibly and "outside the lines" colouring book. I am also in the process of listing a bunch of art for 4-sale at $15.00.

Well, life here just got loud and crazy so I guess that's my cue to quit writing!!:) Oh, and the little guy in charge of all the clatter just happens to be the novice, fly fisherman in the pictures!! hugs to all!


Micki said...

Can I just say "you are awesome" seriously, your work is fabulous,original and more then worthy of doing fairs, your sketches are wonderful, the one in the bottom left corner is so good, you must make it into a painting!!

Quote"Have I ever mentioned that I am a substitute, symphony flutist by trade" unquote I don't remember you saying that before and here goes another "WOW you are awesome!!!" lol.... you are one amazing talented lady!!

Etsy takes hard work and dedication, lots of promoting and boring stuff but it does work eventually :)


Micki x

hensteeth said...

I second everything Micki has said. Your work is stunning and you have not got the time to push your Etsy shop...so please do not let it knock your confidence in your incredible talent.

cheryl kuhn said...

I swear that Ethan just gets cuter every pic I see of him!! I am so glad that you are able to play the flute at the concert, I know how much you love music and what a great venure to be able to play at. I hope you have a blast!

Now what is this nonsense that you art is not good enought to be in a show??? You are one of the most talented artist I now and I am one of your biggest fans, so no more of that kind of talk! I will have to do some looking and maybe we can find a show to do together?? I am sure that there could be something in OH/PA area. I will get right on it and see what I can find. (though for some strange reason I think that we would not make that much money cause we would be buying each other's work....lol!) Seriously, we will have to a show together, it would be so much fun.
I cannot wait to see those dolls, if Ethan loves them I will too!

big hugs, Cheryl

Baggaraggs: said...

Hey Amy. There is the Valley Forge show in febuary. Its giant though but you would be great there. They have a cash and carry one. If you wan to come to Floriday there is one that I will probably do in Clearwater though Crafy chicks. I won't be doing much if I don't get my Butt moving and make some stuff though. Hugs, Robin