Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snowy Sunday

This is my first ever post in "blogland".  Yikes!  I am kind of skeptical that I can really do this...but I guess I will see.  I am busily trying to create some time to work on Holiday gifts and things for Etsy.  The sketches are taking longer than the actual paintings.  I am trying hard to transfer my ideas from my head, to the canvas.  I am STILL struggling with this.  I am trying for a more "sketchy" , "pencily" look if that makes sense. 
  I am getting over strep throat and sinus infection.  The only good part about the last week was fever induced ideas brewing in my head!!LOL....well, my ever-faithful assistant needs help with some stinky "paper work" to be done!:) 

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Baggaraggs: said...

This is my favorite photo so far. I love those little gnome people you make. Robin