Wednesday, December 10, 2008

     The weather here is frightfully warm today.  It is around 57 degrees.  I LOVE snow this time of year, not dreary,wet, rain.  Well, here is a little snow house I made last year.  I absolutely LOVE mixed media.  I haven't done much at all in the past year and am aching to get back to it.  The little snowgirl is hand stitched.  I am CRAZY for paper.  My friend Kriss has also peaked my interest into rubber stamping and would like to dig those out as well.  I am going to try take pics of some decorating I have been doing.  While I am busy decorating, Ethan is busy "undecorating".  It has been a challenge.  The older kidz keep asking, "how many trees do you REALLY need mom?"hmmmm.....good question!!:)  Anyway, the little house was fun to make.  My fave part is the little antique button card I used on the roof.    I am in the long process of going through all my supplies and truely leaving out only what I will need (or think I need) .  I have very, VERY limited space upstairs, so I bought some organizers.  That which was in "cute" baskets or open bowls must now be stored away from "little hands."  Sooo...back to work!!!:)   

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