Friday, March 13, 2009

Radishes: "Intuitive Tuesday"...( on Friday:)

I had this "great" idea. LOL  Take a day of the week... every week to create a piece somewhat outside your comfort zone.  Take time to choose some items to use that are picked by intuition only.  Then, create something with it.

  I found three scraps of fabric on the floor that were picked out of a basket by Ethan.  (Well, that he randomly grabbed from the basket and threw on the floor:))  I used these pieces to create this piece,  "Lonely Bird" #2.  I can't tell you how good it felt to create this little piece.  I can't wait to do some more pieces similar to these and the "wheels are turning".  I really don't know if the work would appeal to anyone but me,  but I absolutely felt something in my spirit that was so satisfying and a feeling of contentment came over me when I was in the last stages of completion.  I Just had one of those moments when I felt like all the sketching and experimenting I have been doing for the last few years finally (well almost) came together.  I wrote in an earlier post (probably more than one) that I haven't been able to get my "vision" from my head to my hands.  I think that I figured out the problem.  I wasn't letting my "heart" do it's part.  I wasn't "letting go" and  was more worried about whether or not it would have appeal to a "buying audience".  So I think I will try to make "intuitive Tuesday" a regular event.  Any one else want to join?:)


tascha said...

This is VERY VERY COOL! It almost looks like metal.

cheryl kuhn said...

Oh my gosh, i think that this is one of your best pieces ever, LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it!!!!! The darkness of it appeals to me and what makes it even more special is that it did come from your heart. To just let go and create can be very difficult sometimes but it tends to be so much more rewarding when it does come from the heart. Congrats on your breakthrough!! Are you going to be putting this on Etsy? I hope your weekend will be enjoyable, are you doing okay on your thyroid medication, I hope you are feeling good...hugs, Cheryl