Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Roses, Daffodils and little "Purpley" things.......

Well, Harry the gnome announced it's finally Spring in PA.  I guess I believe him.  He said he's happy for the budding trees and blooming garden but all the rain is "paling" his complexion.  (Yes, he is a little vain and kind of "braggy" if  he has a little too much Guinness, but that is another story. ):)  Nonetheless, I love my little guy.:)  I have NOT touched the gardens this year, so there are many weeds already "blooming" along with all the flowers.  Truthfully, I sometimes can't tell which are the weeds and which are the ground cover.  Oh, to have a "green thumb" like some of my amazing blogging friends such as Viv of "Hensteeth" and Kirsten of  "Fleur de Boheme".  I DO have a talented husband who has made our gardens and landscaping more beautiful every year.  He collected all the stones by hand for our little front garden and I appreciate so much that this was a labour of love for him.:)
OH, it's been so rainy and I have had another few weeks of struggle with this "thyroid thing" that I haven't been out much.:(    Ethan brought me the back pack today and cried at the door so I was forced outside and I was glad to breath in the damp air.:)  Jasper (my furry shadow) tagged along with us too!    I added some pictures of Ethan from a play date from afew weeks ago when the weather was actually HOT!  He had so much fun with my friend Scooter's little girl Teegan.  She is absolutely adorable and they were so cute together.  Thanks Scott, Heather and Teegan for spending the day with us:)  

Oh, I just wanted to add a note that the older kids DO NOT want their pictures on the blog.  I love all my guys the same... but teenagers... uughh!:)  I can't say to much or post too much or they get mad. LOL  

On the artsy line, I have been working at a "snails pace" adding to my folktown.  I don't really want to unveil any more pieces until I have completed a few more.  I HAVE been painting a little and  once again, organized my craft nook.   For some reason I am having problems getting clear shots of my artwork and I am sooo frustrated !

Ryan and I made dinner together tonight from a recipe he found on his ipod.  It was broccoli, chicken and cheese soup.  It was yummy and went well with the olive oil bread.  Now, I am stuffed and ready to semi- relax. (Translation, cleaning kitchen and chasing Ethan.  LOL) :)  Life is definitely good! :)


Ruth W said...

So glad to see a post and know that you are well. You make me jealous - I think I need a little Gnomey guy. Ha ha. Great pics.

cheryl kuhn said...

Oh to be young and to play with hoola-hoops!! Looks like Ethan had a blast, how great to have such a fun playdate.

Sorry to hear that you are still having trouble with your thyroid, i hope it will level off soon and you can get back to feeling healthy. I know that it is hard, when I have my Lupus flare-ups, i feel so rotten but I know that better days will come again!

Of course, I love the new creations, very Spring-like and I cannot wait to see some more of your little town people!!!

Hope that today is a good one..many hugs, Cheryl

cheryl kuhn said...

Hey girl, I just awarded you a blog award, stop by my blog and check it out!!..hugs, Cheryl

Sea Angels said...

Oooh scrummy I love the sound of the soup. My Kate is just the same....does not ever want to be on the blog....what are they like..ha ha.
Your collages are truly lovely and I do envy the easy way you work with all your materials.
Have a great dayxx
oh and thankyou for your lovely comments, you are lovely.xx
Hugs Lynn xx

Baggaraggs: said...

that sounds like a yummy dinny. I am coming ove the next time you make it...well, in my head maybe. :) Homespun hugs, Robin