Sunday, May 10, 2009

Roses: Happy Mother's Day

Best Wishes to all the Moms  out there.  Here's to you, for all that you do, sacrifice and give to others.  ooxxx


sUz said...

hApPy dAy to you too sweet aMy!

I LOVE your new pieces - so much texture, yummy!

You captured some great shots of etHan - just love looking at the cutie patootie :)

We finally had to give eLijAh his big boy hair cut. No more curls :(
Because of fair complexion he kept being mistaken for a girl. Well my husband had about enough of that. Problem solved!

Hope you feel better. I know how frustrating it can be. Be patient and take care of yourself :)

iN jOy,

cheryl kuhn said...

I hope your day was special!! Don't you think we should have a Mother's Day at least once a to you, Cheryl

Anonymous said...