Sunday, March 1, 2009

Radishes: THe curiosity corner

Haven't been doing much blogging here and have to get caught up on emails once again!  I have been "under the weather again" and am struggling to keep up with life.  In the middle of not feeling well, I am in the process of scaling down my creative clutter and moving it into the dining room which is gated.  Ethan is just at a bad age now...not his fault, but I am so scared of the little guy getting a hold of a pair of scissors and really hurting himself.  He already grabbed a pair and cut a piece of his hair before a blink of my eye.  Well, I will take some pics when I finish.  Here are some pictures of my "curiosity corner".   Well, what can I say, I am not happy unless I clutter up a space.  Most of the little knick knacks are presents accompanied with some of my pieces I slapped up.  Well, I know it's not the greatest, but it puts a smile on my face.:)  I am still working on the duct tape snowman tutorial.....I go to the doctors tomorrow and am hoping to feel better soon!:)  Well, off to clean the kitchen!!:)


cheryl kuhn said...

oh I so want that corner in my house!!! What a truly magical collection, pure Amy! I hope you will be feeling better soon, i think this lousy weather is contributing to everyone not feeling well, let's hope Spring gets here soon. Take care of yourself and I would say get lots of rest but somehow I don't think that will happen cause moms never have time for

Hens Teeth said...

Dearest Amy, I do so hope you are ok. You must miss Tim too. Ethan is 'full on' which is very tiring, I know. I hope you can get sorted out at the Doctors.

Your curiosity corner is fascinating and such a brilliant idea. I'm going to see if I can nick your idea and have a go. You have a fantastic collection...but best of all is your work. x

sUz said...

hi aMy!

Hope this finds you feeling a bit better :)

Thanks for sharing your corner - there is a TON of fabulous stuff there - yummy!

Would love to see eThan's new hairdo.

iN jOy,